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What is an alcoholic? How to treat alcoholism

Content Articles Related to Alcoholism You’re Failing to Meet Obligations That Weren’t Ever a Problem What Happens When You Mix Antidepressants With Alcohol? How can I get help for an alcohol problem? alcoholism Tracking the amount of alcohol you are consuming as well your drinking patterns throughout the week can play an important role in […]

30 Songs About Addiction, Abuse & Recovery

Content Digital Album “Have a Drink On Me,” AC/DC ( Category:Songs about alcohol ‘Milk and Alcohol’ by Dr. Feelgood ‘One Beer’ by MF Doom Rehab (Amy Winehouse) Here is a man singing about himself — or enacting a common narrative of addiction — either way, it’s no woman anthem. But, it does shine a light […]

What is Relapse Abstinence Violation Effect & Relapse Rates By Drug

Content The relationship between alcohol expectancies and drinking restraint in treatment seeking alcohol dependent patients. Behavioral Treatments for Smoking COGNITIVE MEDIATORS OF INTOXICATION: SELF-EFFICACY AND ATTRIBUTION IN MARLATT’S ABSTINENCE VIOLATION EFFECT Disinhibition and alcohol consumption Cognitive Factors in Addictive Processes The effect of restraint beliefs on alcohol-seeking behavior. Shame and guilt : implications for the […]